Woodford Archers


Target Archery Scoring

E/T E/T Doz. Hits Golds R/T
997553 38 97751M 29 67 11 3 67
755331 24 999751 40 64 12 3 131
Totals= 23 6 131

FITA Scoring

Inner Gold scores 10 outer Gold scores 9 and the score decreases by 1 point for each inner and outer zone to the outer White which scores 1. Bouncers are not allowed. The hole made by each arrow is marked as the arrow is withdrawn, therefore when a bouncer occurs the unmarked hole is scored.

Recording scores

Scores are always called out in groups of three, highest first i.e. 9-9-7…..7-1-5 and called back to the archer by the scorer. A miss is announced as a ‘miss’ and r ecorded as an ‘M’. Once arrows have been withdrawn from the target the recorded score stands – any alterations to the score sheet must be signed by the judge and made BEFORE any arrows are pulled from the target.

E/T = End Total. Arrows are shot in 3’s indoor and 6’s outdoor. The scores are recorded at this point, highest scoring arrows first. Indoor scoresheets show a light vertical line down the sheet and the first three scores are recorded before this line; the second three afterwards and the End then calculated.

Doz = The total of two ends.

R/T = Running Total (the total as dozens are completed).

The Score signed for is the only one that is accepted.