Woodford Archers



General and Management

1. The club shall be called WOODFORD ARCHERS hereinafter called “the Club.”
2. The funds and property of the Club shall be vested in the committee.
3. All money and sums received in behalf of the Club shall remain the property of the Club and there will be no distribution of such funds amongst the Members except in the event of dissolution of the Club.
4a. The objective of the Club shall be the practice and promotion of Archery in all its forms saving those of Bow Hunting and Crossbow Archery.
4b. To uphold all current A.G.B. Health & Safety, Discrimination, Child Protection, Equality and Diversity policies.
5. The postal address of the Club shall be that of the Secretary.
6. The Constitution of the Club shall not be amended or altered except at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) or at an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM).
7. Members are to decide on the disposal of assets in the event of dissolution of the Club.
8. If in the opinion of the committee any individual shall have been guilty of conduct which makes it undesirable that the individual remains a member of the club, after affording such individual the opportunity of a hearing, expel that individual from membership, without being called upon to state a reason to any but the individual concerned.
The decision of the committee shall be final.
N.B. This process will be in line with published A.G.B. disciplinary policies.
9. The management of the Club’s affairs shall be entrusted to the Club Committee.
10. The Club Committee shall consist of:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Records Officer
  • Field Captain
  • General Member

Committee Members may deputise for another officer where necessary.
11. The Club Committee may appoint a Sub -Committee as and when required.
12. The Members of the Committee will be elected annually at the AGM by the Members of the Club.
13. Nominations for election of all officers and Committee, other than existing Members of the Committee (who will be deemed as standing for re-election unless they state otherwise) must be handed to the Secretary or Chairman in writing signed by the proposer, seconder and nominee at least fourteen days prior to the AGM. Existing officers and Committee who do not wish to stand for re-election must inform the Secretary or Chairman of their intentions before the notification date of the AGM.
14. Four Members of the Committee will form a quorum.
15. Committee meetings will be held on an ad hoc basis as deemed necessary. At meetings of the Club Committee the Chairman will have a casting vote.
16. Smoking inside the Clubhouse is prohibited.
17. Anyone donating a trophy to the Club shall have the right to regulate the terms under which it is awarded subject to the approval of the Committee.


18. There shall be the following classes of members:

a. Senior Members — Affiliated through Woodford Archers to A.G.B., Essex and SCAS plus full membership. Such Members have full voting rights.
b. Junior Members (under the age of 18) — Affiliated though Woodford Archers to A.G.B., Essex and SCAS. Such Members have full voting rights.
c. Age limit for juniors will be at the discretion of the course organisers.

19. New Members on completion of an entry form and payment of the fee set by the Committee will be given a course of instruction. On successful completion of the course, individuals who wish to continue at Woodford Archers must join the Club and pay the appropriate membership fee. It is at the Coaches discretion whether a student is suitable to be considered for joining the Club. If an applicant objects to the Coaches decision, this will be referred to the Committee.
20. All beginners courses will be run inside the clubhouse on the grounds of safety.
21. The names of applicants wishing to transfer from another Club are to be put before the Committee before acceptance. No more than two Members can be accepted from another Club except at the discretion of the Committee.
22. All applications for membership including renewals will be accepted at the discretion of the committee. An explanation for refusal will be given verbally and in writing on request.
The decision of the committee shall be final.

Finance and Auditors

23. The accounts of the Club shall be audited by two Members of the Club elected at the AGM.
24. Auditors are not permitted to be Members of the Committee.
25. Auditors are to be given access to the accounts at any time of the year.
26. The Club financial year shall end on 31st August. All cheques and orders withdrawing monies from the Account shall be signed by the Treasurer and another signatory authorised by the Committee.


27. All affiliation fees must be paid by the start of the Club’s financial year on September.
Any Member whose affiliation fees have not been paid by the start of the Club’s financial year on 1″ September shall be liable to have their name removed from the list of Members and will not be allowed to shoot at any of the Club tournaments or practices until all arrears have been paid in full at the rate effective at that time.
Membership for persons joining the Club after the 1st September will pay a proportion of the club fees in addition to insurance for A.G.B and fees to affiliated bodies i.e. E.C.A.A. and S.C.A.S.
28. Changes to the annual Club subscription rate will be agreed at the AGM and come into effect immediately thereafter. Individuals renewing membership prior to the AGM will do so at the rate current at that time. Individuals joining the Club after the AGM will do so at the new rates.

Meetings, Voting and Quorum

29. The AGM shall be held in October.
30. Notice of an AGM and any resignations from the Committee must be given in writing by the Committee to all Members at least twenty-eight days prior to the date of the AGM.
3 1. Notice of an EGM must be given in writing by the Committee to all Members at least fourteen days prior to the EGM. EGMs may take the form of postal or similar notifications.
At all General Meetings
32. 20% of the membership shall form a quorum.
33. Each full Club Member shall be entitled to vote.

Rules of Shooting

34. Shooting shall be under the control of the Field Captain, Committee Member or a responsible person approved by the Committee. Shooting regulations of A.G.B. are to be observed at all times.
35. No Member can shoot alone at any time either inside the clubhouse or outside.
36. When shooting at dusk, this is at the discretion of an appointed Target Captain. In the event that lights are required, the use of safety netting is mandatory.
37. All Club events and competitions shall be organised by the Committee. Members are to pay their own expenses for any competition. A nominal Target Fee, decided by the Committee, will be charged for all Club tournaments.
38. Members may introduce visitors at Club practice and competitions and shall be responsible for their behaviour. All visitors to be paid up Members of A.G.B. and will be required to produce membership cards and will be subject to any relevant Club fees. Visitors by pre-arranged appointment only (contact the club secretary).
39. All Members shall assist where possible in the setting out and clearance of targets and other equipment at practice meetings and tournaments.
40. Pure carbon alrows (without a metal inner core) are only permitted to be used indoors and must not be used on the field because they cannot be traced by metal detectors.
41. Compound bows are allowed in the Club up to and including the unlimited class (i.e., 60lbs maximum, mechanical release aids are permitted). An archer must shoot a minimum of 3 months basic recurve before they can progress onto shooting a compound bow.

Child Protection

42. The Club adopts the Child Protection Policy of A.G.B.M/p>

Amended 26th September 2015