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Tournaments – 101

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  • Tournaments are held throughout the year both at Woodford Archers other Archery clubs throughout the country, usually take place on a Sunday. They can be for the morning or afternoon only or for the whole day, they may be indoor or outdoor shoots. The type of round varies from club to club.
  • The records officer or secretary will be notified of any local shoots that are taking place. This information will be posted on the notice board or you may be asked personally if you are interested in taking part. Other tournaments are listed in Archery UK that you should be receiving.
  • If you wish to take part in a tournament, book directly with the club concerned. There is always an entrance fee to any tournament, this varies depending on the type of shoot that is taking place, the fee is usually payable in advance and is non returnable.
  • Most target shoots require you to adhere to the GNAS dress code, this is appropriate clothing which should be of dark green or white in colour. Individual articles of clothing should be of one block colour and tee shirts should not have any printing on them other than the archery club badge. It is advisable to carry some wet weather garments with you for outdoor shoots, allowances are made for colour variations in inclement weather conditions.
  • When you arrive at the appropriate venue, you must register with the organisers and will be given your target number. You will then go to the area behind the waiting line that corresponds with your target number and set up your gear. If you do not know anyone on your target, introduce yourself and explain that you are a novice and ask to be pointed in the right direction, most people are happy to keep an eye on new archers and give them any advice they can. If you do not know ask, this is better than making a fool of yourself by doing something wrong.
  • At most tournaments you shoot in two details, that is the first two archers on the target shoot their first three arrows then the second two archers shoot their first three arrows, the first two archer then shoot their second three arrows and then the second two archers shoot their second three arrows. The arrows are collected and scored, on the second end the shooting pattern is reversed and so on throughout the tournament, this gives everyone a chance to shoot at an empty target. You will normally be allowed six ‘sighters’ at the beginning of the shoot, these are to enable you to get an accurate sight mark, these arrows are not scored.
  • When you have shot your three arrows, please wait on the line until your detail has finished shooting as the slightest movement in front of or behind an archer at full draw can be very distracting. If you have equipment failure whilst you are on the line, hold your bow in the air to attract the judges attention, the judge may allow you to leave the line to rectify the problem and then continue shooting.
  • When scoring do not touch the arrows just point to them, call the highest arrow first. Do not pull any arrows until all scoring is complete, and you have asked permission of the other archers.
  • It is advisable to keep a notebook handy, you can record your sight marks for various distances. When you shoot that distance again you have a guide for setting your sight, some rounds are shot at two to three different distances, do not forget to alter your sight accordingly. Remember that if you change your equipment in any way it may alter your sight mark.
  • Remember the “Etiquette of Archery”. Most of all have fun and enjoy yourself.