Woodford Archers


Safety in Archery

  1. Never cross the shooting line until the whistle has been blown.
  2. Never run with arrows in your quiver or hand.
  3. When approaching the target look for arrows that have fallen short and pick them up.
  4. Never point at bow at another person under any circumstances.
  5. Always come down and replace your arrow in your quiver if a long blast of a whistle is heard. Await further instructions.
  6. Ensure your site is correctly set for the distance you are shooting.
  7. When shooting inside please remain behind the waiting line until it is your turn to shoot.
  8. If shooting please remain outside the shooting area.
  9. During field shoots, when searching for lost arrows, always place a bow in front or the target or ensure a member of your party stands in front of the target. This lets others know not to start shooting.
  10. Observe danger signs at all times. They are there for your protection.

Please remember these points are for your own safety and the safety of others.